Thursday, January 5, 2012

Talk at Civil War Institute

A few days ago, I was grabbing coffee at the 7-11 near the Naval Academy (for those who know the area, it's the one with notoriously inadequate parking), and I ran into my colleague at the Naval Academy, LCDR (Sel) Claude Berube, USNR, who made some very gracious comments about a talk I gave at Gettysburg College's Civil War Institute last summer. C-SPAN now has it archived on the web here. The talk was great fun, and I especially appreciated some of the audience members' tips on better public speaking (regarding eye contact and now swallowing the end of my sentences). One of the great oddities of modern academic life is that although we're one of the last professions where public speaking is a necessity, we spend so little time cultivating the art for the most part.

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