Sunday, May 9, 2010

RIP 1st Lt. Brandon A. Barrett

RIP 1st Lt. Brandon A. Barrett, USMC (USNA 2006)

One of my current midshipmen, a prior enlisted Marine about to graduate, alerted me to this unfortunate news yesterday.  I did not know 1st Lt. Barrett when he was a midshipman (I arrived at the academy in the Fall term of 2005), but I'm sure some of his instructors are still on the Yard, and I know some of the midshipmen still in the brigade know him.

The story, which interviews Mrs. Barrett is especially poignant, seeing as it is Mother's Day.

*Note:  This is another reminder that perhaps the biggest difference between teaching at a service academy and teaching at a "normal" college is that our former students go into harm's way.  I really do dread the prospect of getting bad news about a midshipman I've taught, but it hasn't happened yet--and I hope it stays that way, although statistically, that's probably too much to ask for.  That's even more the case with the Soldiers I worked with in Iraq.

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