Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as Bad Publicity?

Christopher S. Stowe, another historian in the Army's post-graduate educational system (there is something fitting in that three of my reviewers have been Department of the Army civilians), has written an appraisal of West Pointers and the Civil War in Civil War Book Review.  The review concludes with the following:

Last, the author at times exhibits a self-assurance that borders upon stridence in his attempt to refute the findings of numerous honored Civil War scholars. In a work as ill-defined as this and with so few pages with which to examine his subject(s), Hsieh’s tone cannot help but come across at times as pleading. However, despite these deficiencies, West Pointers and the Civil War is a valuable work, one that is bound to stimulate discussion and further evaluation of American military professionalism and its effect upon the sectional conflict’s military course.

Stowe makes what for me were some interesting analytical criticisms, and when I have time (I'm currently mired in grading), I'll post a response to them.

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