Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekly Standard Review

Barton Swaim in the Weekly Standard has just reviewed West Pointers and the Civil War. Unfortunately, only subscribers can view the full review, but I thought the review did a good job talking about the most important arguments I make. And, of course, I certainly appreciated the positive tenor of the review.


  1. I enjoyed the blog I will purchace the book as soon as possable. I will follow your career and hope that you continue to write many books that pertain to the various aspects of the Civil War. Yes the movement of troops around battle fields explain why armies win or lose but to me the more intersting aspects of a battle are the individuals that make the decisions. Keep up the good work and try to stay apart from the CIA as much you can.

  2. Richard:

    Thanks for the kind comment! Just to clarify, I was lent to the Department of State in Iraq, NOT the three-letter intelligence agency you mention in your post. :) The organizations have very different tasks (as State Department Foreign Service Officers will themselves emphasize).